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TCS Farm’s Nadine



TCS Farm's Nadine 
DOB: 3/20/2005
Linear Appraisal:

Sire:   SG Sunshine Seign Sedric  LA 88 VEE
SS:        SG  Sunshine Rehma Revive  LA 88VEE
SD:       SB Sunshine Aries Seign  LA 92EEEE

Dam:  SG Milar-Farm Naomi  LA 90 VEVE
DS:       SGCH Milar -Farm Royal Image LA 90 EEE
DD:      SG Cherry Glen Dynamo Lyla


Nadine belongs to Christel Clum . One of her two Sedric daughters. She was living with Lynn Fleming of Lynnhaven , the only Alpine in her entire herd. Lynn took her to a show we were at and we all decided she should come home with us where there were some Alpine bucks! She is a lovely doe, strong boned yet still dairy. We were not going to breed any Alpines this year but after seeing Zack we changed our mind!!

Bred to: Zack
Kid Price: $350

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