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TCS Farm's Baby's Lainy


TCS Farm's Baby's Lainy
DOB: 3/6/2005
Linear Appraisal: 89 VEVV

Sire: SG Sunshine Seign Sedric LA 88 VEE
SS: SG Sunshine Rehma Revive LA 88 VEE
SD: SG Sunshine Aries Seign 8*M LA 92 EEEE

Dam: SGCH Milar-Farm She’s All That LA 89 VV+E
DS: * B Milar-Farm Quick To Run
DD: SG Milar-Farm Naomi LA 90 VEVE


Lainy is Christel Clum’s doe who lives with us. She easily catches the eye of a judge with her levelness over the top line. She has a lovely mammary as one would expect. Her dam was the 1st place milking yearling at the 2004 Nationals. She has shown well usually placing first in her class. She has two championship legs but unfortunately had mastitis on one half and is no longer showable. Again, we were not going to breed her but after seeing our Sasin son, we decided to breed her!

Bred to: Zack
Kid Price: 350.00

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