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SGCH Sun-Kissed Razzddw Whinchezter (Deceased)
2001 And  2004 National Premier Sire



Linear Appraisal: 92 EEE
Sire:  Dairy Delight HAC Whinton LA 92 EEE
SS: Hoosier Acres Crusader LA 87 VEV
SD: GCH Hoosier Acres Whitney

Dam:  SGCH Sun-Kissed Madame Razz LA 93 EEEE
2X National Champion
DS: SGCH Dinky Hollow Craftsman LA 86 VEV
DD: Sun-Kissed Adora

Whinchezter is listed  here as a reference  sire as many of the animals listed in our sales list are either daughters, sons or granddaughters of his. We feel he has left a lasting imprint in both our herd and the Little Creek herd. His progeny speaks for itself. He has produced several grand champions and daughters that have placed extremely well at National Shows including the 2004 National Champion. He is consistent in what he throws, mammaries, dairyness, width in the escutcheon, and  levelness in the rump. He has linebred very well in our herd and others and has proven that he can also outcross with good results. Whinchezter appears in the top five of numerous categories in the ADGA buck type data. He has 51 progeny appraised with an average score of 87.1.

Whinchezter had the highest selling Toggenburg Spotlight Sale doe at the 2000 convention. He also was in the pedigree of four of the six Toggenburg Spotlight Sale consignments at the 2005 Kansas City, MO Convention.

National Placings of daughters


1997 Nationals

4th place int. Kid
1st place with 1st udder
Recorded Grade Yearling
4th place 2 year old milker

2000 Nationals

1st w/1st udder yearling
6th & 7th yearling
3rd. Sr. Get (all yrlgs)
1st. Dam and Daughter



2001 Nationals

Premier Sire
Reserve BU Toggenburg
1st place Jr. Kid
1st and 4th Int. Kids
1st. Jr. Get of Sire
1st,2nd,3rd,4th 2 year old
7th place 4 year old milker
2nd place Sr. Get of Sire

2003 Nationals

2nd place 2 year old milker
4th place 2 year old milker
5th place 3 year old milker
5th place 4 year old milker


2004 Nationals

7th place 3 year old milker
1st place four year old milker
2nd place Sr. Get of  Sire
National Grand Champion
Best Udder
Premier Sire

2005 Nationals

5th place 3 year old milker

2007 Nationals

3rd intermediate kid
7th place 4 yr old milker
2nd place 7 yr old milker
Reserve Nat. CH

GCH Sun-Kissed Madame Razz
Whinchezter's Dam GCH Sun-Kissed Madame Razz

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