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Southern Touch BBB Sheaberry (SOLD)

Southern Touch BBB Sheaberry
DOB: 2/22/2009
Linear Appraisal:

Sire: Southern Touch XBR Bonus LA 88 VEE
SS: Catoico WB Xplosive
SD: SGCH The Southern Touch CCM Bay Rum LA 88 VE+V

Dam: SGCH The Southern Touch CCM Bayberry LA 89 EVVV
DS: GGG Calycamp Captain Morgan
DD: The Ahava CA Blythe

We cannot thank Susan Fitts Davis and her very special daughter Sarah for the gift of Sheaberry. Sometimes you meet folks who leave a lasting impression and they certainly have done that for us. Sheaberry is a beautiful doeling who earneded a dry leg. Her mother, Bayberry is the  2010 Reserve National Champion.  We felt that Sheaberry would follow in her mother’s footsteps but unfortunately she lost half of her mammary. She will continue to be a brood doe for us as I do not want to loose these genetics.

Bred to: Hot Shot
Kid Price:  $300.00


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