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Sir Echo Brickers "Ritz" (Deceased)


DOB: 2/8/2007
Linear Appraisal: 88 VEV (yearling score)

Sire:  Sir Echo Arby LA 86 VV+
SS:    Sir Echo Sento's Sun LA 88 VEE
SD:   SGCH Sir Echo Redji LA 89 VEVV

Dam: SGCH Sir Echo Brickers LA 92 EEEE
DS:   Sir Echo Farm Peanuts Snickers
DD:  SGCH Sir Echo Bray LA 90 VEEE

We cannot thank Sandy Echo Van Echo for allowing this wonderful buck's genetics to come to the East Coast. His dam Brickers is an Elite Doe who LA 92 EEEE . Sandy has worked hard to reach her goal in producing the type of Oberhasli that she likes and spends a lot of time developing her breeding program for consisitency. Sadly we lost Ritz to an anaphalactic shock from bee stings. We have a beautiful yearling daughter in milk and a granddaughter.