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Photos from the Farm!

Glen and friends
Glen and Friends
Our Grandchildren
Our Grandkids:Tyler, Kylie, and Zach
Miss Kitty who is our house cat is now 13 years old!
A "little: helper Kylie

Little Helper

Our guard Lhama "Asa"

One of my favorite pictures.grandchildren

A family conference !
A collection of cute togg kids!

Having fun outside catching frogs!

Papa and his tractor !!

Treasure and her baby being visited by a friend.








Donna Glen, Reggie, Biscuit, and Muffin
A day to remember !
our girls
Our daughters:Nancy , Rebecca, and Ellen
Ellen's kids
Grandchildren: Micki, Kelly, and Randi
Reggie in his younger days
Our son David

One of my favorites:






Our little grandson Michael !



A lasting memory of the love of a father for his son!

Glen and his dogs!