Lamancha GoatThe present American LaMancha was accepted as a breed for registry on January 27, 1958 with the first true LaMancha being Fay's Ernie, L-1. Approximately 200 animals were accepted as original stock. Since then, the tiny-eared dairy goats have spread throughout the country and are enjoying a surge in popularity, due largely to their dairy character, adaptability, and of course, their most well-known feature, or should we say lack of it -- no ears. (Dairy Goat Journal, January 1978).

The LaMancha goat was developed in the USA. It has excellent dairy temperament and is an all-around sturdy animal that can withstand a great deal of hardship and still produce. Through official testing this breed has established itself in milk production with high butterfat.

The LaMancha face is straight with the ears being the distinctive breed characteristic. There are two types of LaMancha ears, gopher and elf. Bucks must have gopher ears which cannot be longer that one inch to be registered. Any color or combination of colors is acceptable. The hair is short, fine and glossy.

We have had Lamanchas for many years. Some of our original animals go back to the Clover Meadow herd owned by Paul Cappiello. Our present day herd consists of many of the older Little Rainbow herd owned by Barb and Tom Reed. Our first Spotlight Sale purchase was a beautiful Lamancha buck bred by Aaron Carter. We also wish to thank Lynn Fleming for some wonderful genetics in the bucks from Lynnhaven. We are pleased with the young stock that has come out of these breeding
Unfortunately we really had to cut back on the number of animals we had and we decided that Lamanchas would be the ones to go. We have retained the buck listings as a reference for our semen sales.


Heart-Mt-Carter-Kids Yes-Sir (Click here to open/close tab for more info.)DECEASED
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DOB: 3/2/05
Linear Appraisal: 87 VEE

Sire: CH Willow Run Chalupa Bjorn LA 92 EEE
SS: SG Hogg’s Hideaway Chalupa
SD: CH Singing-Hills PFM Britta LA 91 EEEE Reserve Udder, 2004 Nat. Show

Dam: SGCH Heart-MT-Carter-Kids Marrisa LA 90
DS: Otarion TML Finn Donegal LA 87
DD: Heart-MT-Carter-Kids Maggie LA 88 +VEE

Shady Lawn BB Crusader (Click here to open/close tab for more info.)SOLD
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DOB:  4/4/2010
Linear Appraisal:

Sire:    South-Fork CR Braveheart
SS:      South-Fork HD Courage 91EEE
SD:     SDCH South-Fork Charming Teegan LA 90 EEVE

Dam:  SGCH Shady Lawn Classy Belle LA 92 EEEE
DS:    South-Fork Class Act LA 93 EEE
DD:   SGCH The Wessel Farms Barbie  LA 90 VEEE




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Heart-Mt-Carter-Kids Yes-Sir