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Welbian Farm's Sasin Zadkiel



DOB: 4/11/2009
Linear Appraisal:

Sire: Sodium Oaks Sasin
SS: Sodium Oaks Royal Risk LA 85 V+E
SD: Sodium Oaks Kiwi Mallow LA91 EEEE

Dam: SGCH Waiilatpu Gabe's Cherabim LA 91 EEEE
DS: Waiiloatpu Newbold Gabe
DD: Waiilatpu Newbolds No Angel LA 91 EEEE


Zadkiel was the result of an AI breeding to Sodum Oaks Sasin. We had sold him as a buckling and just brought him back this fall. We were awed at how this buck turned out. Long, tall, level, beautiful set to his hind legs, and sharp wethers. We were not going to breed the old girls but after seeing Zad and just by chance they were both in heat when he arrived, we now have two does bred!! His dam Cherubim was a great old gal who showed up until she was nine years old and still going BOB at many shows. We lost her this spring so we are glad to have her bloodlines back into our little Alpine herd. Pictured is Cherubim at age 7