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CH Hi Land Lotus


DOB: : 3/11/2007
Linear Appraisal: 92 EEEE

Sire: Kapra Vista Knight Hallmark
SS: SG Cherrypines Stary Knight
SD: SG Kapra Vista C Dust N The Wind

Dam: Hi-Land Lady Lani
DS: Hi-Land K. 0007
DD: Hi-Land T.P. Lamour

Those of you who have been around in Saanens for many years should remember the Hi-Land Saanens especially here in the Northeast. Jeanne Hurburt has raised them for over 30 years. She maintains a closed herd and has not shown in many years but stills milks and breeds beautiful Saanens. When she did show , her animals were highly competitive! They still are today and sadly Jeanne feels she must consider selling her farm so we were able to talk her in to selling us Rose and Lotus. Lotus caught our eye the minute we walked into the barn. Long , wide , capacious, and an absolutely beautiful foreudder! I know that Jeanne never would have parted with her but she knows us and knew she would come to a good home. Lotus has done herself proud. She earned her championship in the first three shows she was ever shown in! She also had two BIS wins if those first 3 shows. She is just a beautiful doe and has done Jeanne proud!! We took her out of retirement and she came with us to the only show we went to this year and went BIS at age 7.

Kid Price: $600.00