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GCH Little Rainbow LOB Fr. Maiden (Deceased)

GCH Little Rainbow LOB Fr. Maiden
DOB: 2/7/1998
Linear Appraisal: 91 EEEE

Sire: Little Orchard VV Gold Beacon  
SS:  Dairy Delight Voyager Vogue
SD:  Little Orchard Gypsy (LA 90 EVEE)

Dam: Little Rainbow YMD French Harp
DS: SG Yazz Magic Dragon (87 VVV)
DD: GCH Little Rainbow LSB Focus (LA 89 VEVE)

Maiden was a beautiful old doe. Her full sister French Horn was the 2000 Spotlight Sale doe. Maiden had also proven herself to be an exceptional brood doe. She had excellent shoulder assembly and rear legs. She had a high, wide, rear udder with an outstanding fore udder and was very dairy. Her most obvious fault is she needed a stronger top line. She had also proven her worth as a brood doe. She has several sons and daughters who have done well. Her daughter Fr. Toast, owned by Lynn Fleming, was the #1 doe for milk in 2006. Her daughter French Pie was 2nd place aged doe with 1st udder at the 2008 National Show. 



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