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Cream-Of-Kansas Chalisacclaim(Reference)

DOB: 3/1/2007
Linear Appraisal: 90 VEE

Sire: One*Oak*Hill Pecan Accord
SS: *B Body Shops PF Double Pecan
SD: SGCH Seneca Valley’s Crescendo LA90
1993 Reserve Nat’l Champion

Dam: CH FDF-Pleasant-Fields Challice LA 90 VEEE
DS: FDF-Pleasant-Fields V. Argus
DD: CH One*Oak*Hill Sin Chalice LA 90 VEEE

We were very pleased when Cindy Von Thum offered Acclaim to us and readily agreed to his coming to New York. Acclaim is a powerful, stylish buck with lots of dairy character. His pedigree is full of well-known Oberhasli. He has produced 5 Permanent Champions.

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