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Chenango Hills Dark Moon 2*M

Chenango Hills Dark Moon 2*M 
DOB: 3/1/2007
Linear Appraisal: 85 VV+V Yearling score

Sire: Chenango Hills UR Ring Bearer LA 89 VEE
SS: AGS Rosasharn CH Uproar LA 84+VE
SD: AGS Rosasharn TL Gorda 3*M LA 90 VEEE

Dam: GCH AGS Doe-SY-Doe's Ariel LA 87 ++EE
DS: ++B AGS Rosasharn's Tiger L
DD: AGS Does-SY-Doe's Thumbelina

Dark Moon's litter sister, Paisley, was sold for $1450 at the ADGA Spotlight Sale in Fort Collins in October 2007. Dark Moon is 20" tall. She has a V in all structural categories but rump, which she received +. We are sure that as she matures her rump will level. We were very pleased to have added this doe to our herd.

Bred to: Lothario
Kid Price: $500.00

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