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Thank you for visiting Welbian Farm's website. Welbian Farm has been actively raising and breeding dairy goats for more than 30 years. We created this website to showcase some of the top goats we have had among the six different breeds that we raised.

We are active members of the American Dairy Goat Association, the National Toggenburg Club and the New York State Dairy Goat Breeders Association.

This past summer we have dramatically reduced our herd and no longer have Lamanchas, Nigerian Drawf, or Saanens We mostly raise Toggenburgs and Oberhasli keeping what we felt was the "cream of the crop" in their breeds. Of course, the old ladies have stayed with us. They have earned their place even if we no longer breed them!

We do add promising stock to help us improve our herd and we also sell many of the offspring we kid each year. If you are new to goats, feel free to email us your questions. If you are already engaged in breeding programs, we may able to help you diversify your bloodlines with any of our top-ranked bucks (visit the Semen Sales page for additional information). We also maintain an updated page "Welbian Farm Dairy Goats" on facebook.